Trinidad, A Seaside Village

Oh, for the love of Trinidad! Entire romance novels have yet to be written about this tiny dot on the world map of love. Too poetic? Then you’ve never been here. And now is the time. Your story is about to unfold. Just a quick 20 miles due north of Eureka, this postage-stamp, picture-perfect town teeters on the cliffs above crashing waves. The gateway to the California Coastal National Monument, Trinidad promises tide pool exploration at Trinidad State Beach, leisurely hiking on Trinidad Head, and some crazy-good dining right on the Trinidad pier! Shop for one-of-a-kind gifts, picnic supplies, or taste some wine if the mood strikes. Also, be sure to check out the Memorial Lighthouse and the Humboldt State Marine Lab. If you head home without visiting Trinidad…well, that will be one sad story to tell.

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