County North / Trinidad

Wanderlust intensifies in Northern Humboldt County, where natural attractions are abundant. It’s a paradise for adventure seekers and leisure lovers alike—just don’t forget to bring your camera.

Home to ancient and mystical Redwood National Park and Prairie Creek State Park, here you’ll find some of the largest trees in the entire world by embarking on over 75 miles of hiking, biking, and self-guided nature trails. Next, journey to Fern Canyon through well-marked paths over babbling streams and intense forest growth. You’ll find yourself suddenly traversing a hidden canyon cut deep into the mountainside. So wild and wonderful, it was a filming location for Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park 2.

Don’t leave the area without stopping by Ladybird Johnson Grove named after the former First Lady herself. An easy, two-mile loop that ushers travelers through an enchanted forest of staggeringly immense trees, mushrooms, and moss. Regardless of the specific adventures you choose, you’ll find no greater relaxation than when you transport yourself to Northern Humboldt County.

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