Humboldt County is at the heart of the famed Emerald Triangle, a three-county area in northern California that’s one of the largest and most renowned cannabis-growing regions in the country. Long recognized as the epicenter of marijuana culture, Humboldt has the largest concentration of independent and legal cannabis businesses in California. The people who make up Humboldt’s cannabis industry are seed hunters, carriers of the torch, next-generation extract artists, innovators and pioneers who have sacrificed, at times, their freedom to protect and nourish a plant that is so deeply woven into the story of Humboldt County.

While in Humboldt, you are invited to explore our cannabis culture and enjoy some of the best craft and sun-grown cannabis in the world.

You can purchase cannabis at licensed retail businesses throughout the county. The “budtenders” will listen to your needs and can make personalized recommendations. Make sure to “ask for Humboldt” when making purchases, and enjoy responsibly.